The Trampoline is one of the original items, automatically available to players when they first begin the game. It serves as a neutral item which does not do damage, but rather acts as additional zone control.

When a player places a trampoline down, it acts as an area in which all characters in the game are bounced upwards if they come to contact with it. The trampoline crate has a capacity of three trampolines when collected, and can be placed anywhere in the map provided the character is in that area. Each trampoline expires after three jumps have been made with each individual trampoline.

The trampoline is placed directly in front of a character as they press 'Attack 1' or 'Attack 2'. There are no differences between the two attacks.

Trampolines can offer a substantial modification to a map, zoning areas you could otherwise reach, or reach areas you could not otherwise. Tactical opportunities arise in relation to the fact that the trampoline is placed directly in front of a character when placed. The trampoline is a unique and potentially strategic item which may change the pace of any map.