Hypergon is the final boss of chaos faction 2. He is a black and red fire monster, and is found at the top of chaos tower. After you defeat him, you win the whole game, along with the ability to play as Hypergon.


Hypergon is able to use all of the weapons in the game to their highest extent, making him very hard to defeat. He has no attack pattern, though it is noteable that he prefers to use the teleporter, dark energy and crate detonator.


  • It is possible that the Minigons are minions of Hypergon's, as they look fairly like him and are also playable after his defeat.
  • Hypergon is the only uncompanied character in the game that it is not possible not to get an achievement after defeat.
  • Hypergon's hands seem to form the "gon" in his name.
  • Hypergon is also referred to as Vortigon.