Deathmatches are fights that can be played on campaign levels or custom levels. They can be played with or without teams. There are four types.

Last StandingEdit

Won by being the last person/team alive.

Most Kills After:Edit

This is won by being the person/team has killed the most people after a set amount of time. Example: Farmageddon

First to _ Kills WinsEdit

The first person/team to kill a set amount of enemies wins

Plunger Match:Edit

In the plunger match the first person/team to have worn the plunger for a total of a set amount of time wins. You get the Take The Plunge Achievement if you hold the plunger for 15 seconds in a row.

More OptionsEdit

There is also a "More Options" button. you unlock some options with achievements.

Rage Match (Makes it so everyone has unlimited rage.)

Spawn with Weapon

Damage x2

Damage x5

Infinite ammo


  • It is weird that it is called a deathmatch when the plunger match doesn't require death.