Dashing is a simple yet effective technique allowing fast movement across maps and damage. When an enemy is hit, they are somersaulted a small distance to the direction of the dash, rendering them stunned.

The common method of executing a simple dash is by:

Up key+ Left/Right key + attack one and attack two

This unlocks new game play and counter-plays as it can lead to fast maneuvers around the map while dealing damage to opponents in a line.

A more advanced level of dashing involves the "Ground Dash", incorporating the dash combo on a more simultaneous basis. By immediately pressing Attack one and Attack two, the dash will become much lower to the point of dashing alongside the ground. This allows for effective damage output as enemies have no option to out damage due to the crowd control dashing has. It however does lead to more openings for skilled players as dashes are easily countered (at a high risk)


When an enemy is dashing, one can easily "flick" them out of the map, killing them. This can be done by an uppercut while they're dashing or by doing the "Counter Dash". Counter dashing involves dashing at a later interval than the enemy hitting them, causing the enemy opponent to be flicked out of the map. This can however backfire due to the high risk involved, i.e. if either player fails to counter or dash last, they will be the one to be knocked out.